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Pt 2 Values: Three Exercises to Help You Clarify Your Values

October 7, 2019

in this I take you through three exercises to help you determine or clarify your values. I have decided to break the Values video into three parts. The first talks about the importance of values and defines what I mean by “values.” The second video is an experiential video in which you close your eyes follow along with the exercises and then write down/record your thoughts. This will help you clarify your values. And the third gives you some ways to make your values, a daily part of living. Becoming the person you want to be which is known as “values” in ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) will greatly improve your life satisfaction. It is incredibly empowering to live your life with such intentionality.

I can help with you to uncover your values and live a more meaningful life with greater life satisfaction, as well as help with many other challenges and issues. If you are interested in online psychotherapy or coaching with me, please call 561-250-8873 to set up a free 30 minute consultation. Please leave your name, number and a few good days/times to call you back. Or you may wish to visit my website to sign up for my newsletter , grab a values checklist (coming soon) or learn more about me.

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