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Coronavirus is rapidly spreading, as is stress, anxiety, and depression.

Supplies are running short. People are anxious.

The entire world feels like a big question mark. We don’t know exactly what to expect and it can feel frightening and overwhelming.

There is no one person this hasn’t hit in some very personal way.

Parents are suddenly having to do double duty, working and watching their children.

Kids are are missing the structure and socialization they are receive in their schools and activities. This is not great for them and only adds to the stress parents feel.

Very few are immune to the financial stressors of this situation.

Many seniors and those with compromised immune systems live in fear of exposure to the Coronavirus. This fear is is shared by those who love them.

This, my friends, is a perfect storm.

You know you can’t make COVID disappear but you want to live in peace with relative calm and still connect in loving ways with your family and friends. You want to continue to look forward to the future and work with a clear mind. You want to continue to move through the world in an intentional way, instead of reacting to crisis after crisis.

I’ve got you. I am an ACT therapist. I specialize in working with people who’s lives are not how they want them to be. This is painful! Through our work you will be able to live a calm, meaningful life even if it isn’t exactly how you want it to be. You will find what you want to stand for in the face of COVID and live a life that is directed by you.

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