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Pt. 1 Contacting the present moment – Why I Love ACT

October 7, 2019

Sometimes, we can become so engrossed in our internal lives, that we miss out on REAL life. In this video, I talk about a tool/skill to help you “contact the present moment” so that we can live more of our lives in the here and now and appreciate living so much more. There is a short (less than 1 minute) addendum to this video. Please take a minute to check it out!

I can help you to contact the present moment more in your daily life and perhaps even more importantly, when you are in the midst of an emotional storm. If you want to get to know me better, perhaps sign up for my newsletter or learn more about online psychotherapy with me, please visit my website or call 561-250-8873 to set up a free 30 minute consultation. Please leave your name, number and a few good days/times to call you back.

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