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Get The Mental Health Benefits of Travel Without Going Anywhere

The Mental Health Benefits of Travel

As a reporter reaching out to mental health professionals for answers, recently noted, although travel is often viewed as a luxury and an indulgence, there seems to be mental health benefits.

I very much agree with her. Traveling does make us feel better. What is it about travel that makes us feel so good? I think it’s a multi-layered

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iAMA /Ask Me Anything

Even though it’s officially over, you can still hop on and ask questions!

We all suffer from anxiety, this is a normal and natural part of being human but sometimes, it can become too much for us, and this is the time when many of us turn to therapy for answers. Though we approach our work

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Love Relationships, Attraction, and Attachment Styles

Some Seem To Find and Keep Love Easily: What Are the Rest of Us Missing?

It’s incredible how some people just seem to find a partner and have an amazingly happy, drama-free, long-term relationship. Even if that relationship eventually ends, those folks tend to do the same thing all over again: find love, connect, and settle into another happy, healthy, lasting, relationship. So what are the rest

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Part 2 Of A Stress-Reduction Series for Moms

We race through our days barely coming up for breath. We have our work either at home during self-quarantine or we are essential personnel and are continuing to work outside the home. We also may have a partner who is doing their work thing and trying to get it done either at home or out there in the world of essential work.

And we have our

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I like this practice because it reminds you of all the little things in your day there are to be grateful for. Having this reminder just before sleep, helps the mind stay with the positive aspects of your day and feel peaceful. I believe it leads to a better and more restful nights’s sleep. I hope you find it helpful.

Each night at bedtime, review your day from when you awoke in the morning

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