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Why Online Therapy

In this video, I discuss online therapy and my previously held belief that it is a less desirable way of seeing a therapist. I discuss my own experience as a client and my surprise with the level of connection possible between client and therapist. I talk about how this experience not only changed my thinking, but...

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Defusion or Unhooking from Unhelpful Thoughts

Defusion or unhooking from unpleasant and unhelpful thoughts refers to an amazing set of tools that can help take the power out of these thoughts. In this video, I explain defusion and give several examples of defusion tools. This is part of my video series, Why I love ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy). If...

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Pt 1 Values: Becoming the Person you want to be

Becoming the person you want to be which is known as “values” in ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) will greatly improve your life satisfaction. It is incredibly empowering to live your life with such intentionality. I have decided to break the Values video into three parts. The first talks about...

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