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Month: April 2020

Free Mental Health Check Ins

Friends, please consider sharing this with your friends either on your social media accounts or by DM etc. I am offering free mental health check ins for any adult who needs or wants one, during this difficult time. Should they decide talking with someone would be helpful, I can help them find a good fit therapist...

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Daily Gratitude Practice: A “How-To” For Moms (or anyone)

Part 2 Of A Stress-Reduction Series for Moms We race through our days barely coming up for breath. We have our work either at home during self-quarantine or we are essential personnel and are continuing to work outside the home. We also may have a partner who is doing their work thing and trying to get it done either...

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Evening Gratitude Practice

I like this practice because it reminds you of all the little things in your day there are to be grateful for. Having this reminder just before sleep, helps the mind stay with the positive aspects of your day and feel peaceful. I believe it leads to a better and more restful nights’s sleep. I hope you find it helpful. Each...

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