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Author: Catherine Saxton-Thompson

Catherine Saxton-Thompson is a South Floridian, wife, mom, beach-lover, ACT therapist & coach. She sees people in her international practice, Wholehearted Life Therapy, where she provides coaching, therapy, and behavioral health consulting, virtually/online, throughout the US and beyond. When she’s not doing teletherapy with a client or working on her latest video or article, she is swimming in the pool, at the beach, snorkeling or swimming in the ocean, or just hanging out with her husband, son and two fur babies, a pup and a kitty. To learn more or schedule a free consultation, contact me at

Evening Gratitude Practice

I like this practice because it reminds you of all the little things in your day there are to be grateful for. Having this reminder just before sleep, helps the mind stay with the positive aspects of your day and feel peaceful. I believe it leads to a better and more restful nights’s sleep. I hope you find it helpful. Each...

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SELF-COMPASSION: A How-To Guide for Moms (or anyone)

PART 1 OF A STRESS-REDUCTION SERIES FOR MOMS   The other day I asked my friend Patty if she was experiencing any side effects from a medication she had recently started. She said “I am feeling more irritable, at times, and tearful… not sure if that’s a side effect or just my life.” To me, that says it all. As moms we...

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4 Tips to Reduce Stress While Doing Every Day Activities

4 Tips to Reduce Stress While Doing Every Day Activities In this video I give 4 tips to reduce stress while doing these every day activities. Reduce stress without spending extra time doing so. If you are interested in learning more about me, you may wish to visit my website

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